The party

From June 14th to June 16th, 2024, there’s an opportunity in the Vogtland region to gather and revive the old times. Bring your treasures along, from Amiga to ZX Spectrum. Sega, Sharp, NeXT, SGI, Acorn—show off what you’ve been tinkering with. Display what you’ve been programming and how you’ve been passing the time. Let’s play, chat, and have a good time.
There’s a program lineup including plenty of games, presentations, prizes, and even a concert. Accommodations start at €43 per night.
Grab a ticket while they’re still available!

flashback symposium event jößnitz plauen amiga atari sgi next sega sony sharp #flashback-event
  • Generous venue with 300m² of space
  • Ventilation throughout the hall
  • Accessible, sanitary facilities
  • 44 tables for your projects, gems, or whatever else you want to showcase
  • 140 seats
  • the SCUMM bar
  • a large bar with a tap system and draft beer
  • Stage with a large screen, so you don’t miss anything
  • Various lectures
  • Small workshops
  • Indoor and outdoor competitions
  • Live cosplay
  • 4-player Bomberman arcade action
  • The ultimate Lotus Turbo Challenge 3D
  • Wild competition (Code/Graphics/Music/Anything) with prize for the winners
  • win prizes with your ticket
flashback symposium event jößnitz plauen  commodore amiga #flashback-event
flashback symposium event jößnitz plauen  soft drinks #flashback-event
  • Free coffee, freshly roasted in Plauen
  • Free soft drinks (Cola, soda, water)
  • Beer and cocktails at a friendly price
  • Snacks and light meals available around the clock
  • Barbecue area in front of the house
  • There will also be vegetarian alternatives

A highlight, of course, is the performance of the band Blastromen from Finland. Their music has captivated me for a long time, and I’m glad to be able to bring them to Germany.
Blastromen’s style fits perfectly with the event.

Mika and Sami, Blastromen. On Saturday evening at Flashback Symposium #01. Check them out 🙂 Youtube

blastromen music  #flashback-event

So, what’s up in detail?<<

Here’s the rundown:

  • 8 Bit Shack will enlighten you on the mysteries of the Apple2 and its variants
  • Konsolenkunst will show you how to turn ordinary cases into real eye-catchers.
  • René Meyer will share insights on „East“ and „West“ computers in the GDR.
  • Aoicho will dazzle in cosplay.
  • Daniel from Flashback will delve into the game Elite and its evolution, showcasing it on over 10 platforms.
  • Alex will delve into the topic of Retro-Brew, demonstrating how to completely revamp old hardware.
  • Peter from „majestic“ will demonstrate how music was made back then and still can be with Atari and Cubase. He might even have a few of his albums on CD with him.
  • More presentations are in the works. If you want to showcase something and need a stage for it, contact

There will also be some competitions with prizes to win:

  • The Bomberman 4-player arcade: A hectic tournament with explosive vibes.
  • The Lotus Turbo Challenge in 3D: Always pedal to the metal.
  • The Sherwood Challenge, following in the footsteps of Robin Hood.
  • The award for the best user table. Each guest will receive 3 coins with their ticket to distribute for evaluating each table.

The party takes place in 08547 Jößnitz, a district of Plauen in the Vogtland region (Saxony).

Traveling by car,
Jößnitz is situated in the triangle formed by the A9 and A72 highways. The A4 is also nearby. The exact address is Rohrweg 1A, 08547 Jößnitz.
You can also arrange carpooling. Take a look here. Fahrgemeinschaften zur Flashback

Traveling by train
Jößnitz has a train station.
Your connection will likely take you to Plauen upper station, and from there, a regional train to Jößnitz runs every 30 minutes.
From there, it’s 500 meters to the party. Pickup from the station is possible.


There will also be arrangements for the youngest attendees. In addition to the exciting games at the party, there’s the nearby castle park in the outdoor area. There, you can not only play excellent Viking chess but also use the playground. Please indicate when booking if children will be attending. There is an option for a bouncy castle. (Yeah! Bouncy castle!) Children and adolescents under 18 years of age can participate free of charge, but only when accompanied by a guardian with a ticket.


Here is an overview of the possible accommodations:


Tickets are available in the german version of this page. Just scroll down and you will find it 🙂

Ordering via bank transfer is also possible.
Simply send an email to for instructions.
Refunds are possible until the end of May.

The core hours of the party are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Afterward, you are welcome to stay on the premises, but there won’t be any scheduled programming 🙂 The timetables and deadlines for the competitions will be published once all confirmations are received and the planning is finalized. If it makes sense, the competitions will be categorized based on the number of entries. There will be a prize pool for each competition, which can only be collected in person.